Reviews for Adam’s Apple (Touch of Tantra #1)

Intrigue, Romance, Redemption – the perfect read! A rich narrative with fully-formed characters and centered on a less-trod path that takes the reader on a journey they didn’t even realize they wanted to make – but are so glad they did. This novel should do for tantra what others have done for handcuffs! (and Adam’s Apple should still appeal to those for whom such things may be a bridge-to-far). –Kathryn K

It has taken me a few days to put my thoughts together but from the first chapter, I was blown away by the way that Adam had planted himself in my head. His character has so much depth. And pain. And appeal. It’s hard to believe that a female author was able to capture it the way she did… honestly… it was beautiful. This is a book about finding yourself. Not apologizing for who you are while learning who you are not. The heroine is such a strong, beautiful character. We all need a bit more of her in us. So much confidence… in the best of ways. I read all of Liv’s short stories and loved every last one for how fun and engaging they were. This novel though… pulls you in and doesn’t let go. I cannot wait for book two. –B.B.

A wonderful HAWT romp with the marvelous twist of beiong told from the male perspective. So often these stories can feel like carbon copies of each other as the heroine repeats the same drivel of how she feels as she captures and changes a bad boy, but not often to we get such a tantalizing look into HIS mind as he realizes what his life is lacking. I am ready for #2 Ms Morris so hurry up!! –Djsmommie

LOVED this author and book. The story was so different. The characters were interesting and it wasn’t your usual “fall in love, have a misunderstanding, get mad at one another, then say or do something hurtful, get back together kind of book.” They were adults who talked, listened, and learned from one another. Great story. Would advise everyone to read this and even learn a little about tantra. Read Adam’s Fall, it is a great follow up to this story. –L. DaGrava

An amazingly erotic read that keeps you turning pages to the end. I love that it is told from Adam’s point of view. We really get a sense of who Adam is and what has driven him . From the moment his eyes land on Kathryn his world is turned upside down . Kathryn introduces him to an erotic world of touch ,feelings, and mind blowing sex. This is a story of romance and healing with some added adventure and mystery . You will be enthralled from the first word. — Glenda Pamplin